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If anyone is looking for another team member, or reservist—if that's possible—I could be convinced.  I live in London and have a mate is Manchester who could also be convinced.  I am a semi-experienced cyclist.  What does that mean?  I don't know but here is my CV:

I cycle 21km into work and back 3-4 times a week though upping this to 4-5 as I start training for PBP with longer rides at the weekend.  One 200km done to date in Oct 2018 (9 hours on the bike but with lots of stops to wait for a friend) with more scheduled before Easter.  In summer of 2017 I cycled coast to coast across Canada in 90 days.  Well-kept 1980s steel bike.  I have yet to calculate an average speed but I would say endurance is more my thing over speed and wouldn't be confident with a team shooting for, say, 500km.  Drop me a line though with whatever your doing if in need of another.


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My Easter Arrow team is formed.  The start and 22nd hour control decided plus I have an outline route in mind.