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I miss seeing your orange bike out on the road, but one day you will ride again!
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Pete, I remember finishing equal first back with you, probably somewhere in the south, New Forest or maybe somewhere near Heathrow or thereabouts? But you've since got faster and I got lazier ! Happy days 🤪

I think that would’ve been the Kennet Valley Run. There’s lots of other rides we’ve seen each other on, mainly Blacksheep’s. We’re very much tortoise and hare, but always finishing at about the same time, with a natter along the way. I think we first met about 8 years ago when I helped you fix a tyre at the end of the very hilly 100k ride that goes from Danglingworth just west of Cirencester...I think you were just getting back into riding again, but I can’t remember the name of event. :thumbsup:
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Re: Where's Bikey-Mikey ?
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I think the ride from Daglingworth is Peter Holden's Centurion Super-Grimpeur, 2.5 AAA points in 100 km, with a route which takes you along the most obscure and gnarly country lanes with constant climbing and descending on roads which sometimes barely qualify for the title. Since I'm based in Stroud I have incorporated some of the route into my training rides when I feel like a good workout in my lowest gears!


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Re: Where's Bikey-Mikey ?
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Guess who popped up on Strava and gave me kudos on a ride last night?  Yes our very own Bike Mikey.  I looked at his feed and he's riding again and we had a brief chat on the comments section.

Excellent news, he's up and about and riding again  :-D :-D :-D :thumbsup:
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