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Windows 10 question
« on: December 15, 2018, 05:58:58 pm »
To those that know! Please

I've just put together an Intel NUC and installed Win 10 from a bootable usb drive created using the MS tool. I ordered a licence key from Amazon, which was declined by MS and refunded by Amazon. However, Win 10 seems entirely functional for what I want to do with it (I don't have need to personalise) and it's properly registered to my MS account.

Is there any need or reason to activate? It seems odd to me that MS would put  £120 price on the software and then leave it working for free (which may be a reason to purchase a key in itself I understand).



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The reason you license is (a) that's what you are supposed to do and (b) you get updates and security patches will save you a bunch of money, I've used them successfully before now.

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Cheers. I have no problem with licensing, given I want to use it. I was just surprised it ran without a suitable activation key.

Tanks for the link though. A better price indeed.


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M$ changed their licensing policy a while back, after 30 days you get a black screen background, lose updates and get nagged to license, doesn't stop working or phone home.

As I recall, the licensing process from Softwaregeeks was a little more convoluted, but the instructions were clear and following them got me registered.

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You don't even lose updates. You just get the black desktop background and a nag message on the corner of the screen.

I'm not sure Ham's suggestion is right
(a) that's what you are supposed

as in, MS are letting you use your Win10 under a limited license. If you can put up with the nag message, then you're not under obligation to purchase a full license.

But, hey ho, I'm no lawyer ...


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There's loads of cheap licence keys on Ebay, from about £5.
Will they work? Are they genuine? Some of them have loads of positive feedback.

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FWIW I've just been mailed a discount code XMASGEEKS for 10% off (20% for more than one item)

To be clear, I have no association with that site,I've used them and it worked ok for me,clearly there's something a bit odd about them, they've been around for a few years, use at your own risk.

And Craker, the license owner saying that you need to license your product is a small hint as to what you really ought to be doing. Just as well you aren't a lawyer ;)