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Re: Gatwick drones -what utter stupidity and selfishness
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Extending the known none-drone zone.
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Re: Gatwick drones -what utter stupidity and selfishness
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Registration in the US was $5. (Then a bunch of lawsuits stopped the Gov't from requiring it, but I think it's coming back).
Similar system is coming here in Canada (announced tomorrow actually).
 FWIW, they had, at one point, a 9km (radius) exclusion around any airfield here, which basically made it impossible to fly anywhere. It's been reduced to 5km and will be reduced further to 3.5km.
Thx for the reminder - I'd forgotten where the FAA were up to on this.

In Canada, does the airfield prohibition include GA airfields?  There are a number of model flying clubs in the UK (mine included) that operate on active GA airfields.  Our club members have to be associate members of the full-size club, annd be insured for 3rd party risk (through the British Model Flying Association) and it all works very well.  We fly models off a disused tarmac/concrete runway and we have rules and procedures for keeping out of the full size aircraft's way.  We've been flying on that site since 1964, with (AFAIK) no incidents.  The full size guys also know that if there's a car parked on that disused runway, there are likely to be models about.

I suppose that in Canada you have a lot more room so maybe it's easier to find flying sites, but they are in very short supply in the UK.

Re: Gatwick drones -what utter stupidity and selfishness
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The rules just got updated here today. 5km airfields, 1.5km heliports.  Some MAAC (Canadian RC organisations) fields have had dispensation, but they just lost all of their exemptions, so I'm not what will happen. 
New rules are that everyone (Traditional RC and 'drone' users) has to take basic online exam and register their aircrafts. ($5 each).
The rules for more advanced commercial operations have also been greatly simplified (require advanced licence).
Space wise, it depends on where you live.  If you're like me, in Vancouver, it's very hard to find a spot where you can legally fly, although it's much better than the 9km zone they used to have. (Which made it impossible to fly legally).