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I'm old school enough to still sketch page layouts and decide on fonts and sizes, leading etc. on a piece of blank A4 before I start. Mind you, the person who taught me would have no truck with baseline grids either, on account that choosing font sizes and leading correctly obviates one.
That's quite the hard-line position; was this person brought up on hot-metal letterpress or something?

Hot metal typesetting was one of the most beautiful things to watch.

A Monotype caster in motion is a thing of wonder, beauty, and squirty molten type metal; I'm very glad that there are still nuttersenthusiasts around to demonstrate their use. I've never seen a Linotype in action up close, only on film, but they're almost as impressive.

Most of the older guys I worked with at $academicpublisher had started out as compositors; even though they were mostly printing with photosetting machines at that point, they were all taught to compose on the Monotype. I do think it's interesting that in the past 10-15 years letterpress modules have gained in popularity on typography and graphic design courses, and a fair number have added sessions as part of the introductory modules.

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I wonder if that is your solution: obtaining an (older) offline version.

We bought a new computer in 2017. I duly installed my pre-rental copy of Photoshop. When you open the program for the first time you have to register it with Adobe otherwise it will only work for 30 days. I had all my details to hand onĂ´y to discover that Adobe has now shut down the registration server, so we cannot use our Photoshop - we can but only by not disposing of our old computer - and I suspect that would be the fly in the ointment also for a pre-rental copy of InDesign.

Really old versions, like Photoshop 7, don't need online registration.

But I recommend open source alternatives and also file formats.

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