Author Topic: Any serial planners on here?  (Read 424 times)

Any serial planners on here?
« on: January 08, 2019, 10:22:47 am »
New year, new plans right? Well this year I'm tackling my planning skills, not a resolution because of it was I'd have broken it by now. But I'm looking at better ways to plan work and private life.

Seen those planning diaries with week to view, to do list, 10/6 minute tasks, most important task, delegation and review sections on each page plus some with monthly, 3 monthly review pages. Goal setting and reviewing.

Does anyone actually use these products? Does anyone actually plan their life with goals, monitoring, etc.? I get to do lists. I use them but the rest is foreign to me (in a non - racist use of that word).

Should I take a punt on £19 version and try to follow it? What's your view?

It's for work and home use if I do. Is there anything really much better than a notebook / day book and cheap diary?

Then there's goal setting. Really? Do you set goals? Do you define them and work out steps to achieve them? I just decide I want to do something and do it when I can. No goal defining or step taking

Re: Any serial planners on here?
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You must have had set goals and plans if you had major cycling events, surely? If not, then you have been genetically blessed.

I pick goals for sport, health and fitness. Then I work towards them. Week by week. I need a goal to motivate me.

Then there are work training schemes and targets. My biggest problem is managing the flood of data and plans; personal plans, sport/fitness, work (the last one being huge). Couldn't do it on paper, things change too fast.
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Re: Any serial planners on here?
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Looking at the this thread with interest.

Re: Any serial planners on here?
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Are you a planning maestro or a planning wannabe but seriously doubt will ever be like I am?

Two kind of developed planners I've seen are below. I saw an even better one. Selling point is the extra listing capability. Some types are based around a time spent each day filling it all in, 6 or 10 minute planners. Others leave spaces for tasks that must be done, that you are going to work through after the essential ones and a few "well if you have the chance to do". Those tasks that only take a few minutes (6 or 10 minutes for example) that you clear out to get an easy win on a hectic day.

Others give you a check list for reporting how your day went. A suggested list like physical exercise, healthy diet, enough water / sleep with circles for days of the week. Then spaces to write your own important daily goals.

Then there's some planners with monthly or quarterly review pages against your annual goals.

It seems there are paper planners available that are trying to n replicate exercise tracker devices and apps in paper format.

Re: Any serial planners on here?
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TL;DR - be wary of goal setting, it can be unhealthy.


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Re: Any serial planners on here?
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I tried a bullet journal last year but quickly realised that I was crap at keeping it and I would spend half a day trying to fill in previous days’ journals.

This year I have a diary that has a year planner at the front, each month has week to page, a half page ‘month calendar’ and one and a half pages of lined paper for notes, so far this is working OK (8 days and counting).

At work I have an A5 day-to-page diary which I use to write what I need to do on a particular day and Google calendar to record meetings and other shite.

Re: Any serial planners on here?
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I do planning and project management at work. At home, I write lists, then forget about them. I need somewhere to keep a list of where my lists are.