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Not at the woman driving last night, but that my camera lead had undone itself so I never caught it on film.  I'm kicking myself for not having checked.

I was southbound across Vauxhall bridge last night, and took the lane as I usually do, since that cycle lane is dangerously narrow, and it was infested with cyclists.  Green lights at the gyratory, and as I get into the twisty bit, the woman does a terrible fast swerve across me and several lanes in the roundabout.  I think she had been behind me across the bridge and was irritated by being "held up" by a bike.  I gave her a verbal ticking off and pointed out the video camera, and needless to say I left her stuck in the traffic.

The other bit I was annoyed at not capturing was zooooming past two lads racing each other, one on fixed, going up the slope of the bridge.  It's not often I can do over 25 up that slope.
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Interesting to see Wendy's still at it, and in this case got a result

Much as I don't agree with the filming thing, he has always been consistently polite when educating drivers.

I couldn't find any of the recent threads discussing videoing, so I resurrected one of his.