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« on: January 17, 2019, 06:29:54 am »
Our club are having a bit of a quality control issue with recent jerseys from ForceGB.

Historically I’ve always liked their kit, and the club shop is mega useful, but the last couple of orders have had some minor issues. (They’ve changed their logo too so it’s a lot more prominent).

Has anyone else noticed an issue or have we just been unlucky?

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No, the quality of the arm warmers they sent me was first rate, problem is I'd ordered a jersey. I was a bit put out to only receive the sleeves...

They sorted it OK for me though once they'd got my jersey back form the person expecting arm warmers  :facepalm:

What kind of quality issues have you had?

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Apparently it’s stitching (although I’ve not seen it myself).


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My club has had big problems witht Milltag recently, and I've heard about the same for JL (rowing kit). I think there is something screwy happening in the custom sports market right now...
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