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(no) Breakfast at t' Milburys - 100km - 2 February
« on: January 14, 2019, 09:24:23 pm »
The following email has gone out to riders today (some may not see it in spam folders)
I route checked yesterday – and along the way, learned that the Milburys pub after whom I had named the route have now decided they don’t want to be a control after all.

In order to comply with the AUK requirements for route & distance integrity, I’ve had to add an Info control (answer a simple question on the Brevet card) at a junction just before the Milburys, and those wanting a feed will need to continue another 10km to Alresford where there are numerous cafes, pubs, shops and ATMs (to obtain a receipt) .

There will however be plenty of food (included in the entry fee) provided Awbridge at before the start and again at the finish.

I do appreciate this won’t suit everybody, and can only apologise for the late change in arrangements.  If it causes you to pull out, let me know this week and I will issue a refund.

One point about Awbridge: There is quite a bit of parking – but this event, and especially the accompanying 200km event, are proving very popular, so if you are able to ride to the event, or share a vehicle, that will be much appreciated.

Updated routesheet and GPX track can now be downloaded to the AUK website event page (old website) and (new website)

There will also be a changes in the accompanying 200km event, the first to replace the Milburys with an info control - and
the second to replace the village hall lunch stop (into which someone drove a 4x4 last week rendering the whole building unsafe)  :facepalm:

Re: (no) Breakfast at t' Milburys - 100km - 2 February
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Sounds like things are going to plan then :demon:


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Re: (no) Breakfast at t' Milburys - 100km - 2 February
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A week after Burns Night and best-laid plans have gang agley...

Call for (a few) volunteers - 2 February
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Control locations sorted. :thumbsup:

Both events have proved extraordinarily popular for winter events and a first time running so I'm hoping there are some volunteers out there who would like to help with providing food / card stamping etc

Awbridge (Nr Romsey) am (7:00 - 09:30)  pm (up to 21:30)
Burbage (Wilts)  11:00 - 14:30    (grateful thanks to iddu OTP who will be in charge here)