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Temperature monitoring
« on: January 26, 2019, 10:25:57 am »
Just after the home PC died as per the BSOD thread, the laptop I use for work refused to power up.  I remember on Sunday closing the lid which should put it to sleep, waiting for it to go to sleep then slipping it into its case.  Then on Monday morning it was dead.  So this week I have been using an old laptop running XP.  Missing programs and incompatability issues everywhere.

Anyways I was just about to take it to be repaired, or binned, when I thought I would try one last time and to my amazment/relief it booted up and appears to be fine.    All I can think is that it got itself into a state and having sat all week the battery went completely flat and is was able to start again.  It is now sitting here working and charging a flat battery but with the cooling fans running quite strongly.

Is this normal??  I was thinking of a temperature monitoring program - like this or another suggestion?


Re: Temperature monitoring
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Take a backup now.

Re: Temperature monitoring
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Re: Temperature monitoring
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Have you tried opening the case to clean out any fluff and stuff round the fan?
Also, if you remove the battery and just run off the mains is it still hot?
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Re: Temperature monitoring
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Core temp  and
GPU Temp may help identify any overheating issues