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Guest Book (Arrivée story request)
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Please sign my guest book,


As a slightly drunk idea sitting around the tents at Huttopia, for an article/spread in Arrivée, could you please PM me your name (optional), rider number (optional) origin and highlight or thank you you’d like to share. You can also leave me a voice memo (audio file, do not call or I may pick up!) at +447925107651 (whatsapp or imsg).

Looking for humour, inspiration, fear, romance(?). Hallucinations, hospitality, DNF stories. All welcome.

Some examples (paraphrased)

Mate being propositioned by a local to ride with him in the middle of the night (asked where his bike lights were and the guy pulled a flashlight out from their sleeve). Mate, utterly confused at what was happening, had to respectfully decline.

Man in a high viz helping take pictures on the bridge to Brest. Not heard anyone’s direct experience with this guy but apparently he was there!

Mate’s cassette failed on him 10km out of Dreux. Local picked him up to take him back. He wanted to remember her name to send her a thank you so opened up the first app he had open which was texts to his wife and wrote “Mdm Picard, Dreux Hospital”. Then realised that was probably not the best message for his wife to receive.

I heard a friend who will not be named has a good story about falling asleep and having a nap where he found himself in the ditch (might leave that one out).

The 80s bar in Senonches sounded like a party on Wednesday night. Where the music had not changed but the clientele of middle-aged men having coffee was a funny sight under the light of the rotating disco ball.

Thank you’s

“Thank you to whoever put those rolls of carpet down at Dreux control to sleep between... they were so cozy”

Personally, I’d like to thank the chefs and staff at Tinteniac on Tuesday night, who were hilariously spirited at 2am and keen to share their amazing dishes with us (they upsold my mate three desserts).

My objective is really to encapsulate the vastly different experiences of PBP people have had, and to pay homage to the great people who help make it all possible. If you have specific names of places or people all the better as that personal touch goes a long way.

I only post on YACF. Are there any other forums I should reach out to? First year doing audax so not familiar. Facebook?

Thanks all,

P.s. I’d just like to say thank you to all the friends I have met in UK Audax since starting out in October. It was awesome to track you all and ride with you. There was only one I couldn’t find, but perhaps he was sleeping in a ditch at the time. Looking forward to continuing audax in the years to come and perhaps one day learning your last names.

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Selfless bump - I'm sure people are starting to recover now and get back on the forums.  Some messages received.  Please don't be worried about writing skills or anything.  Happy to help edit.  Any and all signatures welcome.

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For me it was meeting/riding with the machine Bogdan Adamczyk. He caught me on the lower part of Huelgoat and looked sideways, it just read wanna play?. I was game straight away, He pulled uphill me coming through on the flat and downward slopes. It was early monday afternoon straight into that block headwind. Just the two of us playing like little kids. Near the top he pulled out a massive smile and said KOM ATTACK I politely declined. After and hour and a half we parted was such a stupid Idea halfway into the ride, such a great laugh, thanks polish Giant seems we still had a decent go on that KOM.