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Afsluitdijk cycle path closing on 1 April 2019
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quixoticgeek has referenced this closure elsewhere, but I thought it worth highlighting here.

Useful information for anybody touring in The Netherlands in the next few years.......text is from the website below

Strengthening the Afsluitdijk is a big job. Safety for road users and for the people who perform the work is paramount. In order to be able to safely carry out work on the Wadden Sea side, we close the cycle path between 1 April 2019 and 1 April 2022. This happens alternately between Den Oever-Breezanddijk and Den Oever-Kornwerderzand. We arrange replacement transport for pedestrians and cyclists.

Afsluitdijk cycle bus
Pedestrians and (hum) cyclists can make use of a bicycle bus free of charge during the conclusion of the bike path, in which we can also transport (hum) bicycles. The bus runs once per hour. About 15 bicycles and 25 people can be transported by bus.

We will publish the timetable via this website before 1 April.

Location stops
At Den Oever, the Monument, Breezanddijk and Kornwerderzand there are stops. We will announce the exact locations of these stops before 1 April.

Disabled vehicles
Due to the dimensions it is not possible to transport closed, less-invalid vehicles (for example a Canta) in the bicycle bus. For disabled users of such a vehicle, we will look for a suitable solution on a case-by-case basis. You can contact Loket Afsluitdijk for this. We can take open disabled vehicles, the so-called mobility scooters, into the bicycle bus.

Why is the closure necessary?
The closure of the cycle path is necessary for the construction of additional drainage sluices, pumps and the renovation of the dams at Den Oever. But also for the safe installation of new upholstery over the entire dike and for the renovation of the spitting complexes and bicycle bridges. At the same time Windpark Fryslân is working on the wiring of a wind farm in the IJsselmeer near Breezanddijk. Here too it is necessary to close the bicycle path.

Definitive situation
After 1 April 2022 you can again use the existing bike path. There will also be a new bicycle and walking path along the Wadden Sea along the entire length of the Afsluitdijk. We will be laying this new path in the coming years.

Loket Afsluitdijk
Since 1 January 2019 there is a joint Loket Afsluitdijk for reports or questions about the Afsluitdijk. This Loket Afsluitdijk is an initiative of Rijkswaterstaat and the partnership De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk. Windpark Fryslân is also affiliated with this joint notification desk. The counter can be reached via the telephone number 0800-6040 and

Re: Afsluitdijk cycle path closing on 1 April 2019
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That’s a shame. I was hoping to cycle over it this summer.
I am often asked, what does YOAV stand for? It stands for Yoav On A Velo