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Supernova E3 Pure vs Supernova E3 Pro 2
« on: March 15, 2019, 09:45:55 am »
I have a Supernova E3 Pure, and the standlight is pitiful. I wondered about replacing it with the E3 Pro 2, but would like to ask if anyone who has one is satisfied with the standlight.

I'm thinking of replacing the E3 Pure, but because it is paired with a Supernova rear light I either have to stick with Supernova, or accept that this is going to be a costly replacement of front and rear lights.

I bought a Supernova E3 Pure in 2014 because I wanted something I felt was bombproof: it is completely sealed, always on, lightweight and connects to a very light, slim and bright seatpost mounted rear light. The brightness while moving can't be faulted, although the beam pattern isn't as good as the Luxos-U I have mounted on a different bike. At first I positioned the E3 Pure on the fork crown, but that cast too many shadows and never felt like it was actually helping me see - moving it to the handlebars has significantly improved the way it illuminates the road ahead. However, the main issue with the E3 Pure is the standlight: it is pitifully dim. Although I can be seen, if I was stopped in the countryside I'd need another light to see the ground underneath my feet.

Comparing the standlights of the E3 Pure and the Luxos-U, if I'm in the garage (which has no electric supply at the moment) and I need to see anything, I give the wheel of my tourer a quick spin and I'm rewarded with so much light I can rummage in my Carradice, get some tools out of a bag, fettle something or gather my shopping from a pannier. With the E3 Pure I only get light while the wheel is spinning - I need to ride for a minute to build up enough charge to have the standlight work - and then it just dimly glows.

I'm reading the other threads on dynamo lighting
but I wondered specifically about other people's experience with the Supernova E3 Pro 2.


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