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House insurance again
« on: April 04, 2019, 02:30:14 pm »
I've nearly bought a house. The solicitor suggests getting insurance as soon as we exchange. What does everyone use at the moment? We have previously used M&S, but now would be a good time to change. We need the bikes to be covered.
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Re: House insurance again
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Have a word with Pedalcover, a brokers - and all cyclists as it happens. Good bike cover (as long as you read/understand the small print - locking your bike to a solid object is not locking your bike to a bike locked to a solid object, as one client discovered, though to be fair AXA are the underwriters making the point), plus good cover at reasonable rates for contents, and things like cameras and other "luxury items" outside the house - individual items don't have to be specified, just an overall value.  We have our buildings and contants with them at what I feel is a reasonable cost.

Annoyingly I can't find what I paid £300, but below is a summary of the cover I got, This for a low crime area it has to be said. I think the village has had 5 break-ins in 20 years, and couple of stolen cars.

·         £unlimited Building cover

·         £unlimited Contents cover (would cover all your bikes at home – no limit in the garage unlike other insurers)

·         New for old

·         Accidental Damage

·         £2 million public liability

·         £9,000 of cover worldwide – this would include any personal possessions such as jewellery, watches, cameras and your bikes

·         In the event of a claim you can use the bike shop of your choice for repair/replacement

·         £50,000 Alps Family legal cover

·         £500 Excess protect policy

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Re: House insurance again
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I'll shill for Pedalcover too.

Very professional and personal service at policy inception and renewal, very reasonably priced. No claims experience, but the underwriter is AXA, who were decent enough when we made a claim through M&S a few years ago.

Read the terms on the separate Excess Protect policy carefully to ensure it meets your needs: at face value it gives what I would like, viz a high minimum claim amount with no excess (I'm happy to effectively self insure up to about £500, but then would like the whole claim amount paid out), but is limited to one claim in any period of insurance, and the premium is about 10% of the maximum payout.

Re: House insurance again
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Pedalcover here for bikes and contents.
Building insurance is through Ocaso who's premium was around half of that of that of The Norwich Union - Recommended to me by a friend  who works in reinsurance.

Re: House insurance again
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And another pedalcover customer here


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Re: House insurance again
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And another. My renewal premium went down this year for the same cover. A first in the insurance industry?
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Re: House insurance again
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I like the fact that the bikes are covered for crash damage and they don't specify a grade of lock when away from home, as long as it's locked with something it's covered


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Re: House insurance again
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see this article for why you need insurance from the date of exchange, if you were wondering
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