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Vittoria Open Tri Evo tyres
« on: April 19, 2019, 11:57:26 am »
These are 22mm.  Yes, you read that right.  Don't be put off though - they give a smoother ride than 23mm Fortezza TriComps, which aren't bad themselves.  Claimed 320tpi although I think we all now know that tpi ratings are BS, since they add up the plies (so three 100tpi plies = 300tpi in marketing speak).

They are quite hard to fit if you have slightly tight rims.  With all folding tyres, the kevlar bead will stretch quite a bit after a couple of weeks sitting inflated on a rim, so you should be able to remove them without tools on the road.  As long as you don't go for a ride for the first two weeks from new ;)

These tyres are super-light, slick and very fast.  They also make a great noise on the road.  Don't pay full price, or even typical street price of £35.  PlanetX have them for £20 now and sometimes they're £15 (PlanetX pricing varies with the phase of the moon, it seems).
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Which is why I keep tyres in storage, so that can fit them to a spare wheel. Before I fit them for use on the road.
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Re: Vittoria Open Tri Evo tyres
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£14.99 now
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