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Spending money
« on: April 19, 2019, 10:34:46 pm »
How much would be a reasonable amount of Euros to take for PBP?
Eating in some controls, some towns, sleeping in controls, no hôtels, no major mechanical repairs,...

Roughly ?

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From 2015 PBP info sent to riders

2) Services in the host & control sites
- At each host & control site (during the opening times), you will find :
. drink stand (water, beer, orange juice, coke, coffee, tea, chocolate ...) generally from 1€ to 2€
. sandwiches (about 2,50€)
. self-service (meals from 10€ to 13€ not including drinks) - riders have priority
. showers (about 2€ or 3,50€ including soap and towel) – only for riders
. 200 to 300 sleeping places (about 4€) - only for riders
. mechanical support
Prices are indicative.


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Re: Spending money
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I can't remember how much things cost - but here's my rough memories:

Dorm bed - 3-5 Euros
Shower - 2-3 Euros
Quick grab and go meal - 4-5 Euros
Bigger meal at controls - 10-15 Euros

I also ate at proper restaurants and expect to pay 15-20 Euros for lunch, coffees 2-3 Euros at cafes.  McDonalds similar price to UK.  McFlurry cravings satisfied.

As per greenbank, I think I probably had 200 Euros cash or so on me for the ride.

That's about what I lived on in 2015.  I'd been on holiday in Ireland a few weeks before, and on the last evening, went to the horse races at a tiny little town in the west.  I had no luck in the first 6 of 7 races, so in the last I put 5Euros each way on horse number 7, race 7, 7 horses.  The Irish, unswayed by superstition, had left this the outsider a 25-1.  The jockey took a wide line to avoid rain-softened ground and it romped home by 13 lengths.  So I ate and slept my way around PBP courtesy of Seamus McCoy Bookmakers, Ballinrobe.   :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

So, about €200
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So, about €200

... and a credit card, just in case you need to take a train back to the start. (I'm not being pessimistic, it's like taking an umbrella just to make sure it won't rain)



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Re: Spending money
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Baguettes, red wine and an assortment of hams and cheeses, with a few pastries shouldn't be too costly.
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