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I saw an article online.

I started doing that at university. I had a 6 mile ride in from Whitstable to the University of Kent. Initially they weren't too attentive  about who lived in, and who didn't, so I'd have a second breakfast. They cracked down on that, so I took to eating the leftover toast on people's plates.

Fast forward to PBP 1999, and Mortagne brought memories of that flooding back. It saves money time and waste. There are other opportunities, people buy big bottles of water, and leave what they can't put in their bidons.

There's an element of scrounging involved, and the guilt that confers puts some people off. You can assuage that by buying multipacks at the supermarket in Sizun. Single items cost a lot more than packs of four, per item. I'd rather pay a bit more, and attract some Karma by giving stuff away.