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Re: Fridge freezer woes
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I feel your pain Bob.

Re: Fridge freezer woes
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New relatively inexpensive Bosch FF arrived to day (thank goodness). Actually made by Arcelic in Turkey according to Google fu. (Beko to you and me). But seems fine. Energy rating A++ BUT tested for new EU efficiency regime from April next year with second certificate provided when it will then drop down to an E rating at 242kwh p.a.  I can see fun and games emerging with future UK standards divergence already.

The original supplier got back to me today ref complaint about the LG american FF. LG have refused to offer any guarantee remedy and will not release the engineers report as they don't have my permission. As the engineer told me they demand a report of all defects from his service company and have refunded the repair cost to me, this is a load of bollox as it is their report not mine. So in short being given the run around. Ho hum.
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Re: Fridge freezer woes
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Write a formal complaint to the most senior person you can (they won't read it, it'll tumble down the turbolift shaft to someone like me) and don't forget to mention your 10k twitter followers. Something might happen, or it might not. It's not impressive customer service.

By-the-by, there's a class action suit for everything in the US. You just need to find around 10 people or more who are annoyed about something and a lawyer.
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Re: Fridge freezer woes
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Huh-huh!  He said "arse lick"!  Huh-huh!

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