Author Topic: Cycling along the Llyn peninsula  (Read 418 times)

Cycling along the Llyn peninsula
« on: June 05, 2019, 10:28:13 am »
So decided to do a bike ride along the Llyn peninsula the original plan was to go from Bangor to Trefor (where I found a cheap hostal to stay) dump my stuff and head back out to do the rest. The weather however was crap so by the time I got to Trefor I was soaked but was happy to find the place I was staying was amazing and the weather had started to improve so I headed back out and up to the old granite quarry in Trefor. Heading up was tough work and I jumped a gate but assumed it was ok as the map showed there was a path. Heading up was very steep so I stated walking and not long after I heard shouting from these to guys in hi viz jackets saying I should not be there. I said I was fine and to my surprise they started running towards me which did not worry me as I headed down hill and easily lost them and turned out they where only upset because I used the wrong entrance. After this I headed back to my campsite and watched the champions league final on my phone as the local pub did not have a tv and after many beers I celebrated a Liverpool win and went to bed. The next morning the weather was awful but thankfully had the wind with me and was soon back at Bangor but was soaked. Despite the weather I had fun and looking forward to doing something else soon. Did a short video of my bit of a trip