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Ride Like The Wind.
« on: June 12, 2019, 01:29:43 am »
Just a reminder of the need for speed in Grand Randonees, includes gratuitous synthesiser solo.

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I'm guessing you will be at PBP this year with a video camera? Will you be riding, or on a motorcycle?
I have really enjoyed your PBP 2015, Broadwith LEJOG, National 24, WCW and other films.
Thanks ESL.

Re: Ride Like The Wind.
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I haven't shot any video of cycling events for about a year. I last finished PBP in 2011, and last qualified in 2015. Since 2011, I've had a series of eye operations which revealed a blood pressure problem. That disrupted the routine, and I haven't felt inclined to ride long distances since.

I wouldn't have bothered with the LEJOG or Mile Failte last year if they hadn't come shortly after the death of my Father, and I felt in need of a bit of distraction.

I do have an extensive archive of high-quality footage that's readily accessible on a number of large hard-drives. I occasionally hear a tune on the radio that suggests an edit of that material, as with 'Ride Like the Wind'.

I haven't made any plans to visit PBP 2019. My collaborators, Heather Swift and David Robinson quite like the idea, but I've always been the one paying for the enterprise. Costs have been offset by sales of DVDs in the past, and I was tied into the project by riding it.

We'd be happy to provide video and stills for someone else, as we have the skills and the detailed knowledge of the event and the landscape. There seem to be a number of people who have ambitions to record PBP, who would benefit from background footage. It would cost though.

Re: Ride Like The Wind.
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Sounds like there are some complicated interactions in play there. I purchased your PBP2015 Video's from Vimeo on Demand, and they have provided a really good insight for me, so thank you for taking the trouble to record and publish.

Ride Like The Wind.
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My son bought me the LEL 2017 Blu Ray for my birthday, a great watch!

Sat down on a Saturday night with my other half to watch, it gave her an insight to the event.

So, thank you for a great film, hopefully there will be more films.

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Re: Ride Like The Wind.
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In about 2012 we marshalled on the Mersey Roads, and we were told of a participant from abroad who asked where the nearest airfield was. He was told Liverpool, but replied that he had his own private jet, and wanted an airfield, rather than an airport. He turned up with a hired motorhome with two helpers. We did wonder why we were giving up our weekend for his benefit, and sitting on a cold roundabout in Shropshire.

But he was a cyclist like everyone else. Obviously, I identified less with him than with people like myself. The next roundabout up was Port Sunlight's, with Andy Wilkinson on it. The only conclusion I could come to was that it takes every kind of people, to make what life's about. Take the French as an opportunity to improve your vocabulary.