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The ride is a tough ask for a ''full-value'' audaxer, up against the time limits.

but, as you say, it's no fun.

Surely that's the whole point of it, by making sure there is much suffering and no fun is to be had under any circumstances, whatsoever!
It's all about the mental 'after burn' - it lasts for months!  :)

I was talking about finding  4 consecutive nights of night riding being grim. compounded by the sleep deprivation To avoid that I would need to train hard to improve speed and fitness, or improve my ability to sleep anywhere. With increasing age the motivation is likely to decrease, not increase.

I knew exactly what you were talking about Pete. You're describing me to a tee.   
Make no mistake, if you're a full value rider, it can be a real challenge to get round. And it can be very grim - especially later in the event where clock-watching can become all consuming.
For me, with increasing age [I'll be 64 next time around], I'll need to train hard just to get round in the manner you describe. I'll be doing well to do that. But that's the challenge. [And the afterburn satisfaction!]
I don't know for sure yet, but the motivation for me is likely to come from whether I 'still can' rather than looking to markedly improve performance etc
Garry Broad