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Tour de France at Rambouillet.
« on: July 12, 2019, 10:10:30 am »
The last stage of the Tour starts from Rambouillet on the 28th of July. It looks like they will be starting in the middle of town, near the chateau. I had a look at the Tour website, and they said that the thinking was that all the cycling events at the 2024 Olympics will be held in the Yvelines Department (78), which tends to suggest that some of the department's money paid for the Depart.

I had a think about what a piece on the PBP might look like on a Tour de France show. They'd probably like some pictures of the varied participants, a bit that looks like the Tour, the bridge at Brest, some night footage and a forest. A shot of the Chateau, some sheep at the Bergerie National and a reference to the last Depart at Rambouillet in 2012 might also feature.