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Lindisfarne to Dunbar
« on: July 14, 2019, 08:11:01 pm »
We're taking a loaded tandem up the east coast in  few weeks time

This section of the route (day 4) is new territory for me and looking for some advice on the route around Habchester and also north of Ayton

Looks like some of it is NCN76 - with a few lumps (10 miles at 10% from what I can see)

Any local knowledge or alternatives would be really appreciated


Re: Lindisfarne to Dunbar
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I cycled Dunbar to Berwick in May with fully loaded touring bike. I don’t recall any serious problems around Ayton and Habchester. I went into Eyemouth for lunch and there is a long drag back out of the town on a rather poorly surfaced road. That section could be missed out by using the road from Coldingham.

The bit around Pease Bay is very difficult. Big downhill, with ford at bottom. If you don’t fancy the ford there is a bridge with steep steps either side, which means taking off all luggage. Then there is a very steep section which involved a lot of pushing. Unfortunately, I’m not sure there is an alternative unless you use the A1.

Re: Lindisfarne to Dunbar
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Thanks - that's really helpful stuff
The ford sounds like great fun - make sure I wear my wellies!

I think it might just be one of those days - absolutely don't want to go anywhere near the A1

Thanks again