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Re: Garmin EDGE 800 Replacement
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My Garmin 810 failed recently (mini usb wouldn't talk to laptop and the micro sd card slot wouldn't talk to the map card.
It was both second hand and a few years old but garmin offered me a discount on a refurbed one and I received a new looking 820.
Assuming there's no retro changes then:
It has a micro usb
It does not have an external card slot. Mine came preloaded with maps but otherwise you'd have to connect to a PC and download them.

Will use for first time tonight so can't yet comment on battery life, usage or any foibles.


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Re: Garmin EDGE 800 Replacement
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So, whilst I looked at the 530 and 830, I'm thinking that something simpler, such as a 130 or even a 25, might be better to have routinely on the handlebars for utility riding. More affordable too. But thoughts welcome.

For utility riding, some combination of traditional wired bike computer (always on the bike[1] and recording your mileage, even when you forget all about it) and strava or similar app on your phone in wherever your phone normally lives (battery life is a non-issue on shorter rides, and if it's in luggage/pockets you don't have to worry about waterproofing or the faff of fitting/remove it from the bike) if you care about having a GPS tracklog rather than just distance / time.

[1] My anecdata shows that bike computers last longer if left attached to the parked bike than when removed for security reasons and misplaced.
Careful, Kim. Your sarcasm's showing...

Re: Garmin EDGE 800 Replacement
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Yes possible, but the thing that got me into this was wearing a Garmin wrist device to track my walking etc. during recovery from a cardiac bypass(!) Wrist devices don't record cycling well of course. So, if I add a cycling Garmin, it will work with Connect to track an overall picture. Previously, because utility rides were mostly known routes and lengths, I used a spreadsheet for the club mileage competition :)

I always said I'd never bother with all this stuff, and just having a mapping device for unfamiliar routes was all I'd ever need ::-)