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jersey back length
« on: July 30, 2019, 09:24:58 pm »
This is maybe a knowledge question, not sure, anyway...

I'm 180cm tall, no longer have the waist of my teenage self but i'm not much belly and my chest shows no sign of going to the gym. Apparently i'm longer in the body than some jersey makers assume though. Is there a way of knowing / looking up which make what back length assumptions without spending lots?

For instance, I recently got a jersey from pedaled. The design is great. The fit around me is spot on. But it feels like its a few cm short on the back and front.

I got a voucher for Le Col from strava recently, but am holding off buying as their measurements seem on the short side too.

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Re: jersey back length
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i'm 6'2", and c.14st.  I find most modern tops far too short. So i've been buying retro , acrylic / wool knit tops for quite a few years now, before they became 'trendy' .  I have bought them from...UK....Germany....France.....Bulgaria.....and Niagra Falls.,  Some lovely ones with embossed writing / logos on them. The best bit is that most come down to my bum, with 3 large pockets at the back.They are warm,  short or long sleeve, and different.  I have a few modern ones from a while back, and they are for midgets I reckon. I have an XXL YACF top, ss, and this is long enough, a good fit in fact for very hot days, but much too big for most on the time. I can measure some if you like, say bottom of collar to bottom of hem at base, and you can compare it to what you've got.

Edit: just measured 3 and they are 29" -31" o/a incl collar.