Author Topic: Anyone used the Sony RX0 - small tough camera?  (Read 683 times)


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Anyone used the Sony RX0 - small tough camera?
« on: August 02, 2019, 02:05:50 pm »
I want a small, waterproof, tough camera, to take in my pocket when out running or cycling etc.
The Sony RX0 looks interesting. It is a 1" sensor, same as the RX100 etc (though not using the whole sensor size).
Fixed 24mm equivalent lens. I usually like quite a wide view for landscapes etc, so that should do.

A lot of reviews focus on using it for video/vlogging or an action cam. I'm not too bothered about that, I mostly want something for good quality still photos.
How easy is it to use? It is rather small, too small to hold? Maybe add a grip or handle, though still want to keep it pocket size.

Most tough/waterproof cameras have a tiny sensor, so can be pretty rubbish image quality. I have an old Lumix FT20, can be a bit meh. Seems the newer version isn't much better
Or a GoPro, but it is stuck with the ultra-wide fisheye lens, and limited options for still photos.

So is the RX0 worth it? Worth paying even more for the mark II version? The obvious difference is the flippy screen. Maybe it has improved other annoyances.