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Hit a pedestrian last week
« on: August 12, 2019, 12:55:40 pm »
They insisted that they were fine.

They were waiting with a group to cross the road at a set of pedestrian lights. Whole group just suddenly set off. I jammed brakes on, no time to do anything else. Impact on my arm, Big bang smash noise, I stopped within 10ft. Dreaded turning my head, expected to see someone prostrate on the road. No, she was upright, looking white-faced, held by her friends. Starbucks cup and ice scattered on road - that was what had made the noise.
Asked her if she was ok, she said yes. I was unconvinced - my arm had a bruise starting, it was so soon, she could have had a broken arm and not even felt it yet. So I waited and checked twice, her friends were talking to her and looking at her, they said she really was fine.
It frightened me. There was nothing I could have done differently; wasn't riding too fast for conditions (dry road, good visibility, doing about 15mph). They were stationary on side of road, looked to be waiting for the pedestrian light. I would have been further out from the kerb, except that some lads were starting to walk over from the right and I was concerned that some of them might speed up - so was giving them more room.

Really shook me up.
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Re: Hit a pedestrian last week
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Glad you're OK.
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Re: Hit a pedestrian last week
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What he said. You can analyse it till the cows come home but it doesn't sound like it was your fault or anything you could have done differently. Shame about the spilt ice, could have used it on your arm.
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Re: Hit a pedestrian last week
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Sometimes the only way these things can be avoided is not being there.  If you get what I mean.

Glad no one, especially you, weren't hurt.


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Re: Hit a pedestrian last week
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Some accidents are unavoidable.

I nearly walked into the path of a cyclist at the weekend, entirely my fault for crossing the road without paying attention and holding a conversation at the same time. That said, the cyclist seemed fairly intent on cycling right into me, not deviating or slowing, so had I not realised the error of my ways, I think we'd have both been on the ground. The road was entirely empty so he could have easily gone around me, it's not like I'm a large chap. Presumably, I needed to be taught a lesson.

Seems you did fine by stopping to check she was OK. My wife got whacked on the hand some years back while crossing at a green pedestrian crossing and the twunt just sped off leaving her with a couple of hours in A&E waiting for an x-ray and a big bruise for her troubles,
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