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A Levels For The (ahem) Older Person
« on: August 12, 2019, 04:58:09 pm »
Have recently joined the ranks of the retired ( :thumbsup: ) and looking to study for an English Literature A Level for fun and to keep my mind active.

Taught courses seem prohibitively expensive so looking at online options. An afternoon’s googling suggests that the National Extension College is my best bet, but would very much like to hear any thoughts and recommendations.
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Re: A Levels For The (ahem) Older Person
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Free massive online courses (MOOCs) are available for all sorts of subjects from well known unis. Ed ex is an example of available courses although there are lots of others.

You could build something around an A level syllabus for a given examining body perhaps. Timing for availability will be an issue although there seems to be lots of self paced modules as well.
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Re: A Levels For The (ahem) Older Person
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Hard to say without knowing your previous education and experience.  Depending on your previous academic inclination you could just buy a text book and learn yourself using past exam papers and youtube.  I would guess that you are more interested in the learning than the accredited course, which would suggest that you may want the interaction with a class/teacher.
If you want the exams/certificate it's worth looking at the cost of sitting the exam as an external candidate, cost of textbook and hourly rate of a tutor.  At that point your local FE college may not seem that expensive.
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