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Presumably some pioneering engineer will come out with a set of aero bars that pop in and out like those collapsable police truncheons you see on The Bill.
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or you could have clip in bar extensions like the ones on the massive sword in Highlander. The extra bits sit in your luggage till you are out on the road and get put back before entering any control. 


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in a similar vein one could bodge two mini pumps instead of the usual extensions.


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My bike was thoroughly inspected: mudguards, bottle cages, brakes, lights (even had to show the backup rear had a non-flashing mode). No attention at all for the aero bars. Which ended forward of the brake hoods but did clear the levers. And the Berthoud bag protruded at least an inch.

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Thanks - very useful as I start experimenting with tri bar setups. I'm getting a bit fed up of the continued tingly fingers/loss of strength since PBP and need to find something more comfy. Trouble is, at the moment, I am struggling to get a "compliant" position (not that it really matters for another 3 years, 344 days).


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I thought the inspection was fairly cursory; checked brakes worked, bags not loose, they turned battery front light on, rear light was already on from riding there in the rain, checked bottle cages not loose - nothing serious really. Chap I cycled there with had to move his rear light from seat stay due to bag obscuring it too much.

Apparently there were long queues earlier in the day and maybe they'd been given the hurry up. I turned up a bit late and there was almost no delay.

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Didn't have my bags fitted for the bike check. Maybe that left my aerobars as the only thing to moan about. ::-)

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I expected lots of measuring as mine was within the rules but like only by one mm according to my home made wooden plank and spirit level. And maybe questions about my light mounted on it and protruding quite a bit.

Though there was a Corsica frame badge lingering on the bike.
The guy said Corsica?
Yes did my qualifier there,
lots a people?
Nah the two of us rode round the island in 35 hour as our 600 qualifier.
We chatted quite a bit about corsica. And then he asked got a back light? brakes work?
Me wanny see? Him no its fine just grab a free bottle and off you go.

Must say it was late afternoon and I am rather fluent in French

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The American lady who checked my bike was too concerned that my brake levers operated different brakes to what she expected to be bothered about my aero bars. They were PBP legal, but that meant that I couldn't use them for long at a time. I put the full length bars back on yesterday and could stay on them all day long.