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PBP and Ultra Racing.
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I made a bit of an attempt to get to grips with this, interviewing Darren Franks at the Mersey Roads 24. I felt that 2015's result might presage an 'Ultra takeover'. The publicity surrounding Fiona Kolbinger pointed that way as well. Perhaps Bjorn would repeat his feat of 2015. The men's result was far removed from that.

However, the women's result is a different story. I rode the last part of the route into the finish on Wednesday night, and encountered a group talking about Ultra-related stuff next to the bike park. One lady mentioned that she'd finished first, so I hung about for a bit, and asked if she'd do an interview.

Ana said she's no good at interviews, so I adopted my usual rambling approach. In reality I never got very far with the  'Project Broadwith' I mention. I'd approached the organisation to see if a LEJOG record and 530 mile 24 might be used as pre-qualifiers. The answer was a firm no, so I abandoned that idea.

Re: PBP and Ultra Racing.
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I had the pleasure of riding with Ana for some of the Dean. Couldn't get her to sit in cafes for coffee and cake. These ultra-racers are a dedicated bunch.