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Translation of Italian Instructions for Permethrin?
« on: September 22, 2019, 10:47:00 am »
I want to be able to re-impregnate a couple of mosquito nets with Permethrin in preparation for a trip to Ghana.  One used to be able to buy a little bottle of this, with clear instructions (including not to contaminate the environment) from travel stores.  However, they all seem to have discontinued this product, and I have acquired some via Amazon from Italy.  The only problem is that the instructions are in Italian.  They seem to be describing dilution and use as a spray, rather than what I reckon I need, which is to produce a 0.5% mixture of max 500ml.  My calculation tells me that 2.5ml (how do I measure that little?) of PERTRIN S in 500ml water would give me that.  The bottle contains 250ml, so good for about a century, I reckon!

Amazon description:
"Liquid concentrated insecticide in aqueous phase with killing and residual action. 250 ml for civil and industrial use. Medical-surgical areas - Registration No. 11809 of the Italian Ministry of Health. Composition: 100 g of the product contains permethrin tec. (25/75 cis-trans) 5.0 g, tetramethrin 0.75 g, piperonyl butoxide tec. 3.0 g, emulsifiers, carriers and sufficient water for 100 g. Characteristics: Pertrin S is an odourless and non-flammable concentrated insecticide to be diluted in water before application. It is effective against all environmental insects: domestic, civil and industrial (excluding food industries). Pertrin S has both a residual effect, produced by permethrin, and a killing and expelling effect produced by tetramethrin, synergised with piperonyl butoxide."

Italian instructions for use:
"Contro moshe ed altri insetti volanti: diluire in acqua impiegando il 2% di PERTRIN S per infestazioni normali e come dose di mantenimento, oppure il 3% per infestazioni forti o per ottenere un maggiore effetto residuale.  Applicare poi l’emulsione così ottenuta con i normali nebulizzatori a mano o meccanici sia del tipo a freddo che a caldo sulle superfici infestate dagli insetti, distribuendo circa 1 litro di emulsione ogni 15 mq. Per trattamenti in esterni ed in particuolare per la lotta adulticida contro le zanzare PERTRIN S può essere impiegato in percentuali varianti dallo 0,25% allo 0,5% (250 – 500 ml in 100 lt d’acqua)."

Any chemists fluent in Italian able to help?

Re: Translation of Italian Instructions for Permethrin?
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A teaspoon is 5ml, fill one spoon then pour half of that onto another teaspoon. It won't be exact but I suspect it'll be close enough.

Or use scales. Or mix up 1 litre.

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Re: Translation of Italian Instructions for Permethrin?
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Google says this
"Against moshe and other flying insects: dilute in water using 2% of PERTRIN S for normal infestations and as a maintenance dose, or 3% for strong infestations or to obtain a greater residual effect. Then apply the emulsion thus obtained with  the normal hand or mechanical nebulizers, both cold and hot, on insect-infested surfaces, distributing about 1 liter of emulsion every 15 square meters For treatments for exteriors and in particular for adulticide control against mosquitoes PERTRIN S can be used  in percentages ranging from 0.25% to 0.5% (250 - 500 ml in 100 liters of water). "

So 0.25 to 0.5% as you say.
You mightbe able to get a small syringe in a chemist. Otherwise Amazon will be your friend.
Have you got an MSDS for this neat stuff? I'd want to be wearing gloves and well ventilated but I advise not doing anything with it til you've read that.
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Re: Translation of Italian Instructions for Permethrin?
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The only thing I have is the copiously printed box. Apart from what I've copied above (thanks for the translation), there is 'Avvertenze', 'Caratteristiche', 'Indicazzioni di Pericolo' (several H-numbers) and 'Consigli di Prudenza' (about protecting, children, the environment, and washing you hands, I reckon).

I would definitely want to be using gloves and a mask.

Re: Translation of Italian Instructions for Permethrin?
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google translate will work from photographs of instructions.  Whilst not 100% accurate it should get you most of the way

Re: Translation of Italian Instructions for Permethrin?
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In fact it will work from an image on your phone camera, giving a “live” translation. Not so hot on Japanese, as I found out recently  ;D
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