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Fixed Points Claims
« on: September 29, 2019, 04:06:11 pm »
Hi All,

The imminent end of the Audax season prompts me to post the usual reminder  to request all those who have achieved points on fixed wheel during the year just ending and who have not already done so, to let me have their points claims for that period. It will be helpful if you will add which rides have been done on fixed to enable me to confirm you are claiming everything to which you are entitled. As ever, in case of query or difficulty, please contact me directly (off-list). E-mail or snail mail is preferable; no need to send the card unless it needs validating nor any point in risking these valuable items in the mail unnecessarily.

To clarify the issue and avoid unnecessary queries, the 50% rule does NOT apply to the fixed wheel trophy, so the person with the greatest number of points will win the trophy. Claims from female members will be especially welcome as very few of these have been seen recently.

In view of the limited time again this year between the end of the season and the Reunion weekend, please send these figures promptly; no claims received after 31st October will be considered and if we don't know about them well before the prize-giving, another rider with a smaller total may receive the prize, which would be really, really galling. This urgency also applies to members riding end of season permanents who should submit their cards promptly to their organiser. (I would expect that as of last weekend, John Ward, the Perms Sec would have been as up to date as possible.)

At the same time, riders of other "niche" machines (tandems, upright trikes and repugnants or any combination of these) should do the same, sending their figures to Pete Lewis, as the system has not yet been upgraded to take account of the boxes on the back of the latest Brevet cards.

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