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Some years ago  bought a burley limbo from ebay from a chap in Lancaster.
It was advertised as in excellent condition so I bought it straight away.
After I had the sheared seat back re-welded, ordered and received new seat blocks from America (Thank you customs and excise for charging me £8 for sending me a letter telling me I owed you £8 for sending me a letter) at a cost of over £100 despite the cost of the parts being less than £20.
Sorry, where was I ?
Right, the bike did not have the parts that converted it from CWLB to SWB.
I need a link for the steering.
Any ideas anyone, please.

Many years ago, when I was dicking around with developing my own USS SWB recumbent, I made the steering linkage using 8mm rose joints and threaded rod with locknuts. To do it properly you would need both LH & RH threaded joints so that length adjustment can be done precisely a la Windcheetah or Trice but that would require fabrication. Two RH thread joints and some experimentation would get you withing 1mm of the correct length.

Presumably there is a stud on the fork crown to attach the linkage to? And one on the bottom of the steerer?

Liz - I've just acquired an Optima with USS, and I'm converting to above seat steering.  So have some spare USS parts, I don;t know if they would fit your bike?  Picture should be here, happy to send them for postage cost if you think they might be suitable:

[/url]Right side by Dave Sharpe, on Flickr[/img]

Or PM me with your email address and I'll send some pictures and measurements.


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