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Re: What gear range have you got?
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If anyone needs chainrings bigger than normal and has difficulty finding them this might be useful. I believe they supply a few racers.
Spa Cycles do every size TA chainrings in both 130mm and 110mm up to 60 teeth.
Thats where I go for a 55t chainring.
The only trouble with that size is it's not ramped and pinned.
But I don't think any are over 53t or I've not found one above that size.

But good shout if you need bigger .......  :thumbsup:

Re: What gear range have you got?
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I run 55/42/30 & 11-32 9 speed on my ICE Qnt 165mm cranks
52/42/30 & 11-32 on the XL 170mm cranks
48/36/24 & 9-32 Capreo on the Vortex fs 170mm cranks (this will change to 53/39/26 152mm cranks soon).

If you are looking for shorter cranks to help with higher cadence/spinning out, ICE sell 152mm cranks.

The Lower foot speed of the 152mm cranks compared to 165-175mm for a given cadence , means you can get higher cadence rpm before spinning out.

The downside of shorter cranks is "It's harder to pedal uphill" (with the same gearing).

Re: What gear range have you got?
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48 tooth chain ring SRAM 850  11 32 sprocket and  give me 20.6 to 111  gear inches.
 Way more range  than I need for Suffolk and Norfolk.

Re: What gear range have you got?
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My gear range on the new recumbent is 17.5 inches to 108 inches. Originally I wondered if the bottom gear is too low / useable. The 9 speed crankset came off my retired mtn bike so was essentially free. I have used the low gear on a 20% hill and found it’s fine. Now I’m a bit stronger after five weeks on new recumbent I no longer need the bottom gear for 20%. At least when relatively fresh I don’t. The other end 108 gear inches gives me 29 mph at 90 rpm, so more than adequate for the flat and I tend to let the bike just freewheel on downhills.

175mm cranks as that what I have always run on the mtn bike the cranks were taken off.

Spend most of time in big or middle at front.  Middle chain ring up to about 10-12% gradient unless tired.
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