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Keep going on...
« on: January 28, 2020, 06:41:04 pm »
Split from the Nicholas Parsons thread.
I can't think of any job that I might do that I'd enjoy doing so much that I'd carry on into my 90s.
I read something recently (but have no idea where) that the sort of person who wants money, or fame, or applause, or similar, can never actually get enough whereas if the things which make you happy are things like friends or bike rides there isn't the same more, more, more driver.

With people like actors, the rest of us benefit from this behaviour.
With people like Rupert Murdoch, less so.
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Re: Keep going on...
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I started to receive my occupational pension at age 60. Then at 65 my state pension was added.  I was 67 when I retired.  I stayed on, not for the love of the work.  For the love of money.   :demon:
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Re: Keep going on...
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That sounds about right.
Someone said to me that when you're in a crap low paid job, you can't wait to retire but can't afford it.
When you're in a well paid job it's hard to give up the income for fear of destitution,even if you hate the job.

Recent surveys that I have seen suggest that you need an income somewhere between £27k to £35k to be comfortable in retirement.
Any comments from those who have reached the sunlit uplands of giving up full time work?