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Re: RATN 2020
« Reply #100 on: July 13, 2020, 07:12:58 pm »

My cursory googling suggests revolut.

But there's a lot of threads on trip advisor and reddit that came up for

"prepaid maestro card netherlands"

Not sure what your best option is. Sorry.

Good luck!

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Re: RATN 2020
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I still have next to no idea if I’ll make the start line.  It might make something of what has been a pretty shabby cycling year so far.  I can take a call in a few weeks.

Re: RATN 2020
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I'm on the list for 1st May 2021 instead now  ::-)

I cannot make the rescheduled dates this year - good luck to anybody riding this year, hopefully 2021 will work out better in general  :thumbsup:

Re: RATN 2020
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All the info arrived yesterday, so it looks like it’s race on.

Job wise it works as I don’t start at my new place until 14th Sep.  I’m not entirely fit enough - OK to get round but not to race.  It’s feasible from here to ride there and back using the ferry from Harwich which would make it into a decent holiday and at least achieve something this year.  With my ongoing family issues my Mum wasn’t entirely impressed with me suggesting still going but we can review that.

I have ordered the reflective tape to kit the bike out in line with the roolz.  I can sort insurance and travel insurance out quite quickly.