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New Audax Club Bristol Events for 2020
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New for 2020

14 rides next year taking you over the Severn Bridge into the beautiful Welsh Countryside (50k - 200k)

Includes the following events;

10 Peaks Audacious Challenge 200k with a cracking 4.25 AAA - The most climbing you'll see in a 200k this season.

2 Challenging Autumn 200k rides with 3.75 AAA - A tough but very rewarding couple of days riding in Wales guaranteed.

4 rides to dip your toes into the delights of Wales (50k & 100k)

Several other 150k to 200k rides to go explore further into Wales - All AAA rated - so hills and beautiful views guaranteed.

Want to know more click in the link

I am also running 5 rides from Bristol to Explore the Mendip Hills, Two Tunnels, Canal Paths, Somerset Levels & a few of the 100 Greatest Climbs

Season 1 - 211 AAA Points, 120 Club points,  PBP 72h, ISR, Welsh SR, Easter Arrow, Hyper Rand, AAA Champion, ACB Team and CTC champions