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Author Topic: Electron 5w Rechargeable Lamp  (Read 3602 times)


Electron 5w Rechargeable Lamp
« on: March 28, 2008, 12:38:03 am »
Electron 5w, single spot rechargeable lamp, cost £30 post-free from Chain Reaction Cycles, run-time 5.4 hrs

Note: I think the design of the lamp has changed a little since I bought this in 2005

First impressions of build quality seem quite good, the fixing bracket allows for plenty of adjustment, it is easy enough to fit (I like the bottle cage mount although of course you lose the bottle cage for longer rides that take advantage of the good run-time when you will want both bottles. The cabling is the right length and disconnects to allow the battery to be charged without taking the light off.

The light itself is difficult to assess. I used it an minor roads and cycle paths at 11.30 pm on a clear night at speeds up to about 17mph (couldn't see the speedo - was dark!). This light is no use on off-road sections, it isn't strong enough and you would probably hurt yourself!

On unlit roads it just passes muster, once adjusted it provides just enough light to see the road ahead and the light is strong enough to take emergency action to avoid potholes at 16-17mph. I would not like to trust it at over 20mph though. One advantage is that it does not interfere with your night vision so your eyes remain adjusted for the darkness.

I think that relying on it on unlit roads for a length of time could be quite stressful as the light isn't that strong and you have to concentrate too much on the road. I probably prefer my dyno-hub but when I get time I'll fit a bottle cage to my skool bike to do a straight comparison, along with my Polaris 3-LED as a control. I'll also try to test it on a more over-cast, darker night too.

Overall, I think that it will just manage the Dun Run which was the only reason I bought it. Until someone can produce a 15w lamp with a 5+ hr run time for under £50 I think that this is the best compromise I'm going to find.


The 5w bulb was always a little too weak, so I replaced it with a 15w bulb for about £3 from Maplins. It has transformed the lamp!

Run time is still good at around 2 hours and there is a lot more light. I used the lamp on the Friday Night Ride to the Coast last year along with other LED lights. Obviously it was not going to last the whole night, but on many night rides you only need the extra light for particularly dark sections and a total of 2 hours is fine. This winter it has done an excellent job of stopping cycling off a pitch black cycle path into the canal on the way to the supermarket.

One of these days I'll dig deep for that hub-dynamo and LED light combo. Until then this is a good cheap alternative that is still going strong in 2008.


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Re: Electron 5w Rechargable Lamp
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2008, 07:41:58 am »
Got to put in a vote against I'm afraid, I had 2 Electron lights both of which were returned in fairly short order. I was getting nothing like the quoted battery life, so much so that it wouldn't cope with my daily commute (45 minutes each way).


Re: Electron 5w Rechargeable Lamp
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2008, 08:31:02 am »
That's interesting. Problems with quality control? The battery life was the strongest feature for me, without that I would have looked at one of the other cheap rechargeables that are about the same price.

Re: Electron 5w Rechargeable Lamp
« Reply #3 on: March 28, 2008, 10:19:37 am »
Vince, how did you get "Old Guard" Status so quickly?

Oh back on topic... I have had an Electron light, not this model but made by them none the less. I found that the some of the internal connections work loose and it needs a good shake to work again. Then when you hit a big bump the world is dark.

I won't vote on this model but I would stay clear of them.