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Blodwyn Pig:
one of my shimano spds has been clicking for a while, but today it was quite bad.  they are quite old, s/h when I got then, (of course)  and have been on other bikes, so I've had them 5/6 years, so time for some TLC.......NOT.

Bit of a CBA day really, so I got out the drill, heat gun, and an oil can with some EP90 gear oil, (Landrover Diff oil).  Tipped Olive on it's side, drilled hole in centre of pedal end cap, squirted loads of Bike lube in, spun pedal a lot, pumped in some EP90,  that was quite thick, as it was about 2 deg, plugged in the heat gun, warmed up the pedal shaft,  spun and pumped and warmed. Jobs a good'n, then filled the hole with a plob of grease.Ditto other side, and took it for a spin..... :thumbsup:.i think one of the pedals is on its way out tho, as it was on Blodwyn when it was hit, and maybe shaft is a tad not straight. Still should last another 2/3 years (10/15k km).

It's interesting, one of my SPDs seems to start clicking when I ride it for a bit. Maybe it's got what you've got. But they're less than 2 years old! Annoying!

When I have the cash I'm switching to Time ATAC on all the bikes. It's dearer but allegedly 100% sealed against the outside world and you'll take them to the grave.

SPDs can suffer from a click at the pedal/cleat interface as the pedal wears, iff you have a pedalling style that completely unloads the pressure during part of the pedal stroke.  I find that tends to get to the point where it drives me potty well before the bearing shows any evidence of wear.

It's more a click that's *felt* than it is heard. Anyway I'll just have to put up with it for a bit longer. it's not unbearable. Maybe it'll help keep me awake on audaxes...  ::-)

Blodwyn Pig:
^^^ same here, 'cept this had turned into a multi 'rotational' click. My bodge seems to work. I do the same with my 'non dynamo' hubs, f&r, drill a small hole in the centre, squeezing twixt spokes, and pump in ep 90, sealed with a wee dob.


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