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Hub gear slippage

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Own a Pashley Sonnet. Mileage as of recent 4,500? Just cant get set 1st and/or 2nd gear to remain settled under  load,as say going up a hill(and I have no Chris Hoy thighs as muscle). What to do? What to try? Have replaced  gear cable;problem still present. Set the yellow tog chain as recommended: still slippage. Change the trigger system? Change the toggle? Move onto the hub? I'm sorta getting tired of going out to my garage and/or dismounting on journeys trying to get this thing right. My back and age prescribe rest.

Given the weight of the Pashley,I'm thinking of getting rid of it.(How?) It seems a shame,but I think I'd pick up a Dawes Cambridge or Duchess(lighter/derailleur gears)for £300. If I were to go into a complete overhaul of the working mechanism I guess I would be saying goodbye to £150 maybe... with no guarantee this would work after a while/under useage(think Halfords)

Seems a shame to get rid of the bike,but I'm getting a bit fed up here. Also,cannot see any market for resale,as the bike needs to be fixed and I don't see any cyclists interest in this market in the city where I live.

I liken this problem to a tv repair. There's no point in repairing it - too costly - in place of repair you just get rid of the whole thing! Sorry Greta! It could be just too much faff.

What do others here think? Bikes age is about 5 years young...but used

Three speed or five speed hub? Shimano or Sturmey Archer?

Almost certainly a SA hub but could be 3sp or 5sp. I’d hand it to a nearby hub gear mechanic to open up the hub and replace any worn components. It shouldn’t cost too much, they are pretty simple. They aren’t that tough to work on but the OP sounds like somebody who prefers to avoid oily hands.

First,thanks for the replies. Appreciated.

Mybike is 5 speed.

Riding back from town yesterday it felt as the slippage was due to the chain not engaging with the sprocket,if this makes sense. It just slips,somehow. Its not as if this is a big thing,but going uphill with a car or a lorry behind,and with a dicky back and arthritis,it makes me  uncomfortable(once over 65 you sort of realize you'e not immortal!). Also(the slippage),isn't happening all the time. All said,I just like my ride 'just so',so that I don't have to think about 'is my back about to go,foot slip,as I go up this incline'.

I don't have it in me to go out to the garage to go thru things at this time of year. As the matter seems(at present)undefineable,I wonder if any bike shop can resolve it,given that it would take  a ride out and some hills,to test it under load. 'Yes,fixed it' says the mechanic in the shop. I take it out,it slips,no,its still there,says me. I know this stuff can happen.

Further comments welcome. Ta for advice

Which part of the world are you in? Find a hub gear specialist near you, rather than a random local bike shop.


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