Author Topic: Elite Deboyo Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle / 'thermos'  (Read 477 times)

Elite Deboyo Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle / 'thermos'
« on: January 23, 2020, 09:45:23 pm »
I bought one of these Elite Deboyo flasks off amazon ~£22, as I wanted something for winter rides where I didn't end up near a cafe, or too early or late. 

Weighs about 350g, and takes 500ml ish.  It comes with two lids, one as in the pics, the other for on-the-go.  Not really interested in using the latter otg, which is a 'straight through spout' anyway, so stick to the trad top.
Works well, tea is still decently hot ofter 4hours, having being opened a few times during that time.
If anyone hopes to keep the thing in pristine condition, prob not going to happen, as mine is already scratched from going in & out of the bottle cage; not bothered.  If you aspire to gnarliness in your bidons this should get there in reasonable time.
As an " Elite" product it fits really well in the bottle cages by the same manufacturer.

All in all a good buy, AFAICS

IMG_elitedeboyo1 by ao, on Flickr

IMG_elitedeboyo2 by ao, on Flickr

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