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Re: Have you been out today on a Perm or DIY?
« Reply #575 on: January 06, 2020, 10:56:10 am »
Yesterday, a full value trundle up and down the Vale of York for my January ride.  I'm entered for Deano's alpine challenge on the 18th but thought I'd better get a DIY in the bag just in case of bad weather and/or not being up to it.

Early start and minor roads meant hardly any traffic as I zig-zagged down to the edge of York.  More traffic there, and on a B road towards Ripon that is obviously used as a rat run by the locals.  A couple of short spells of drizzle, and the wind was getting stronger through the day, but at least by then I was heading back North so mostly behind me.

Getting dark for the last hour or two and colder after mild temperatures earlier in the day, my legs got cold and started to hurt (even more than usual) - should have worn thicker trousers.

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Re: Have you been out today on a Perm or DIY?
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Strong winds and lurgy means I've not pedaled a bike all year.
The weekend coming isn't looking promising either, 3 to do this month...

Re: Have you been out today on a Perm or DIY?
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I managed my 1st 200 since 28th December yesterday, my favourite one way ride to Stonehaven from Edinburgh.  Whilst mostly tailwind assisted I did make heavy weather of it through a few schoolboy errors and some pretty poor road conditions. 

With forecast rain I put on a fairly substantial jacket.  Im not a jacket rider and this one had me overheating despite the cold wind.  I was glad to remove it for about 90 minutes mid afternoon between the showers but that just served to expose my wet layers beneath to the cold wind which was a bit meh until they dried out.  At whch point the rain started again.  On Friday both the BBC and MetOffice forecasts had zero rain Sunday and I reckon it rained for around 5 hrs out the 10 I was out. 

I used overshoes that are better suited to cold conditions rather than wet. As a result I had warm wet feet that I knew would start to get cold in the final hour or so.   

I had a big dinner Saturday night but it just made me feel sluggish from the start.  I forced down an otherwise delicious lunch at the half way mark in Meigle but spent most of the 2nd half of the ride feeling very queasy. 

The 30k after Montrose represented the only tricky bit into a cross head wind (other than the bit from home to the Forth Bridge) and my legs had just gone.  I stopped at the top of the climb after Auchenblae to force down a bit of malt loaf.  I think I’d probably been suffering from the dreaded knock without realising it (with hindsight Id probably not taken in enough fluid either what with me baking gently inside a too heavy rain jacket).  I rode briefly with two guys from Stoney without about 15km to go but they were too quick for me - only just mind as I still had them in my sights when they were on the final climb through the farm.   

Using unclassified roads in Perthshire and Aberdeenshire this time of year wasnt a wise move.  Lots of very wet or flooded roads and much crud.  B roads would have been wiser. 

Still, job done, not a "Hollywood" ride by any means but it was all completed in daylight.  Train home and after dodging the booze soaked rugby revellers at Haymarket Station I made the short journey home by a combination of tram then a 2km warm down back home.
The highlight of the ride was seeing a red squirrel near Murrayshall Hotel - but the wee fella scurried off before I could get a pic!  Oh and some lovely rainbows while I made my slow motion progress between Marykirk and Auchenblae where I had Mark Shannon’s word ringing in my ears – “there's no such thing as an easy 200”.   

A manky bike awaits me in the garage.  Will probably go for a gentle swim tonight just to be kind to my legs.     

At this time of year I'm normally itching for the days to get long enough to bag a 300.  No' just now Im not!  I suspect this years audax riding may end up being back loaded.

Re: Have you been out today on a Perm or DIY?
« Reply #578 on: March 20, 2020, 03:05:54 pm »
Given that events have been suspended I suppose id better provide a quick summary of my DIY 200 last Sunday. 

It was the DIY version of an old event Id put on the calendar before, The Nippy Sweetie with a start / finish at home in West Edinburgh, north to Perth, west to Comrie  :thumbsup:, over Langside to Dunblane via Kinbuck and back to Edinburgh via the West Fife path and Dunfermalino with a final retrace over the Forth Bridge back and Dalmeny back home.

The forecast had a SW wind helping me to Perth where I was scheduled to get soaked in a headwind for the 45km to Comrie where Id be blown all the way home on the NW wind. It didnt quite work out that way as the wind seemed to turn NW well before I got to Perth but it stayed dry for all but a very short period near Clackmannan.  Ying and yang.

the climb over Langside was enjoyed in glorious sunshine and with a tailwind - most enjoyable - though there was still plenty water running off the roads from weeks of rain.

the cycle path between Clackmannan and Dunfermline made for an almost totally off road tarmac return from Causewayhead to home though I did get a bit bored in parts and stopped for a drink just to break the monotony.  the stretch heading west after perth wasnt quite as grim as Id expected it as there were a number of stretches where hedges provided shelter.   

I used ridewithgps on my phone rather than a GPS to record the ride though it added random distance of around 14km when I was stopped but hadnt paused the ride on my phone.  Im assuming that pausing the ride on my phone would fix it (and that if I want to be more accurate I will just use a GPS unit....EDIT - or enable Auto Pause).

Got home in just over 10 hours, not the fastest ever but I had two long stops and was still well within daylight on arrival back at home. 

Wonder when my next one will be?