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Axa Blueline 30 Steady Auto headlight
« on: February 04, 2020, 08:27:40 pm »
This is a small auto dynamo headlight with an integral front reflector that doesn’t look too bad. I bought this headlight to replace a Cyo with a broken mounting tab.

Fitted it to a Shimano dynohub on my fixed commuter, no taillight. The light failed during the ride home, so about an hour’s running time. Returned and replaced without a problem.

Fitted the identical replacement, rode to work with it switching off as ambient light improved. Went to ride home and the light didn’t light up for the first hundred metres. Thereafter it worked for a few minutes, then flashed at full power at random intervals, ran constantly at low output, then very low output, then stopped completely for the remaining half hour or so home. Luckily I had a backup Ixon Core battery headlight.

So, two for two failures with this light. Avoid!
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Re: Axa Blueline 30 Steady Auto headlight
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2020, 08:52:38 pm »
I have the base version of this - no stand light and no auto switch - which came fitted on my Ridgeback hybrid, with the matching rear light and a Shimano DH-3D37 dynamo. I have to say it works really well and I've not had any issues with it, but it's never run for more than 10 minutes at a go on my rides to the shops. The switch on the front light is cheap and horrible, but I never use it, just leave it on all the time. I only use the bike as my shopper so its not critical if something fails, but, not having had a dynamo system before, I'm sold on the idea and am looking at the swapping out the wheels on my tourer for one.
Edit - I was looking at the Hunt SupaDura (as I'm happy with my Hunt x Mason 4 Season's) but I've just seen your other thread!