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Road numbers that don't make sense

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Inspired by the "gap" in the A420 between Chippenham and Swindon, as mentioned on the terrifying roads thread and solved by tonyh.

--- Quote from: tonyh on February 06, 2020, 10:04:09 am ---
--- Quote from: Cudzoziemiec on February 06, 2020, 09:53:51 am ---.... And the A420 from Chippenham to Swindon? Doesn't exist. UK road numbers are weird.

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(checks on 1947 map....)

That section used to be the A420, but is now A3102 and B4069.

--- End quote ---;quote=2463952;topic=9750.150;last_msg=2463955

Then there's the 4040. Is that an A or B road? Take your pick! The B4040 runs from near Chipping Sodbury through Malmesbury to Cricklade (just north of Swindon), while the A4040 is in Birmingham.

There is, of course, a geeky website dedicated to things like this:

--- Quote ---We discuss roads, share information, and arrange meet-ups and road trips around the UK.
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Their meet-ups must make an Audax AGM look like a rave.*  :demon:

(They also say that the A4040, now "the former Birmingham outer ring road," used to be a road from Kidderminster to Staffordshire. Weirder and weirder!)

So let's have your roads with gaps in, duplicated numbers, and other oddities.

*I'm sure it was in the Audax board of this august forum that I first heard of SABRE.


I've remarked before how the A5 (Watling Street) crosses the A41 in Edgware, Stanmore, and near Newport (Shropshire)...

A40/A4020 Oxford Street/Oxford Road/ Uxbridge Road make sense to me.

Could go with the A480 being in the Hereford area (link to the A44), but the B480 is Oxford-Henley. Meanwhile, the B4800 resides in Montgomeryshire...

There's also the fact that the A30 "dissapears" at the A303/A34 junction, as it multiplexes with the A303 to the East. Then, the A303 ends at the M3 junction, and the A30 appears out of the aether and carries on! For whatever reason the road with the shorter number is not the main route there...

Watling Street has been renumbered A5183 in Hertfordshire. I'll always think of it as the A5, everywhere.


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