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I quite like watching EDC stuff on YouTube. I like the ingenuity of some of the packs people have, mind you my personal EDC only consists of a small Swiss Army knife and a mini Mag light.
The ones that amaze me though are those who have a whole backpack or messenger bag rammed with "essential EDC" for a daily urban commute to the office. What do they think is going to happen that means they need a water filter between home and office for example?
I think you'll find it's a bit more complicated than that.

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I also think it’s a bit odd. Talk of prepping or preppers is banned on certain bushcraft forums due to the emotional animosity that it can ignite.

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Ah, Every Day Carry! My immediate reading was Early Day Closing.

ISTR Charlotte was a big fan of this every day carry stuff. I dunno what to make of it; to an extent maybe it's sensible but it does seem to link easily into the kind of nutters who welcome the apocalypse. "Covid-19 is the solution to the human problem" that kind of attitude.
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Much of it seems to be Americans making excuses for carrying guns and knives every time they go to the shops.

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I dunno, tangentially related but I'm thinking of having a couple of bug out bags packed, one for here and one for work.

Nothing extreme but at least a change of clothes and some water and food. Maybe copies of important documents. And a towel (gotta know where your towel is). Even something as simple as "There's a gas leak/unidentified package down the road. You need to leave the house immediately and we don't know when you can come back." would make it handy I reckon. Maybe never needed but not exactly expensive to set up.

As for EDC, well my work bag has a bunch of odds and sods in it like a torch and whatnot but that's mostly item x gets chucked in when it might be handy and just doesn't happen to get taken out again.
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