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Re: ACME Easter Arrow 2020
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If you're mourning your riding fix, a few of us are having a Zoom natter tomorrow evening at 6pm. Email me for a log-in lfitzpatrick01 @ g mail dot com.

Danial Webb will be on hand to update us all on LEL21 plans,
We'll quiz Jas Muller on keeping form during lockdown
Gracie Lamber Smith will be there dispensing her particular take on long distance rides and
Emily Chapple can tell us what she's reading while plotting her next adventure.

Just an hour of general chat and a chance to reconnect with the community - Zoom log in needed and places are limited but available from me by email.

Still places left - email me before 545 for log in details.


Re: ACME Easter Arrow 2020
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Well how did the Easter Arrow 2020 substitute go, @LiamFitz? Lots of positive feedback? 100 Zoom participants must have made for a challenging control regime.