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Do you use a front wheel out car roof rack cycle carrier?

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If so, how do you transport your front wheel?  There are some elegant solutions out there but at ferocious prices.

£119   :o

I see Mike Dyason InMotion products don't do their system anymore and the Thule one is £60+

What do you use.


The French Tandem:
We are very happy with a Pendle tandem roof rack with a fork clamp, so the front wheel must go elsewhere. Either in the car, or on a front wheel carrier* on the roof rack, alongside the tandem, depending on the room available into the car.


*: something very basic, like this:

That front wheel carrier looks like the Thule one which is £60 odd. 

Although this one from Cruz is only £40. I guess the expense is because it folds flat when not in use.

Unless something better pops out of the woodwork, something like this would do.  Either pipe lagging or 3D printed parts and velcro.

We're planning on getting a Tandem Swing from JD.

The French Tandem:
I wouldn't trust a pair of velcro straps at 70 mph. Better spend £40 on a proper front wheel carrier for your peace of mind!


stick it in the boot.


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