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eBike or motorbike?
« on: February 27, 2020, 02:24:46 pm »
Apologies if I’ve missed this elsewhere.
A court case reported in today’s paper is of a woman who was killed by an eBike being used dangerously.
As the “ ebike” has a motor capable of delivering double the legal speed ( 15.5 mph was quoted) the case is now being heard as causing deaths by dangerous driving - as the bike is considered a vehicle. There are associated charges regarding driving a motorbike with no insurance, no documentation, no helmet, no registration etc.

It’s the first such case I’ve seen, if it is it will set the precedent for what exactly is a legally a vehicle rather than a bicycle.


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Re: eBike or motorbike?
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I mean as far as I'm concerned it's clear what it is - an unlicenced S-Pedelec which under the law of the land is a moped. Anything that delivers motor power at speeds above 15.5mph as you say is such a machine, I shouldn't see that anything would differ between my unlicenced mate taking a moped out on the road and someone using one of these doohickies.

Of course what may happen is that this becomes some kind of springboard for antis to gather around, while ignoring every other poor bastard getting flattened by a 'legal' motorist.
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Re: eBike or motorbike?
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