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Swrve - Casual Cycling Apparel
« on: March 04, 2020, 11:39:11 pm »
Just a quick shout out for Swrve.  I received a pair of their "Cigarette" shorts as a gift from Mrs Bolt about three years ago and have been really impressed with the quality and fit.  I've worn them extensively on and off the bike and they're still looking good for the summers ahead... if I can manage to maintain my waistline :o  This Xmas I received a pair of their midweight "WWR" long trousers which also function really well as smart casual trousers that are really comfortable to ride in.  On their 3rd outing I did notice a minor fault with an area of stitching and sent them a photograph for their opinion.  Within 20 minutes I received a reply with a tracking number for the replacement they had sent.  Outstanding service, especially given the fact that I wasn't the purchaser!
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