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Anti glare filter
« on: March 09, 2020, 12:16:33 pm »
Years ago my employer at the time supplied monitors with a screen filter. I believe it was anti glare,  anti reflection. Can you get something similar for a laptop?

I get light sensitive following migraines and I figured one might help with that. Can't change lighting so this could be my solution.

Anyone use something like that?

Re: Anti glare filter
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Yes, simply google "laptop anti glare filter" and you'll see plenty of examples. Alternatively search for the same thing on Amazon or eBay.
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Re: Anti glare filter
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For a cheaper solution, simply paint your screen with gravy.
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Re: Anti glare filter
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Barakta tried a couple (on a desktop monitor), because she was stuck with a choice between running the screen at full brightness so the backlight didn't flicker, or dimming it down for 200Hz strobe-o-vision at a reasonable intensity - both of which were migraine triggers.

One was a clip-on thing that didn't fit very well, and caused unwanted reflections.

Another was a sheet that stuck to the surface of the display electrostatically.  It was basically impossible to do this without introducing some trace of dust between the layers (think applying a screen protector to a mobile device, but much bigger and with gravity against you), and it didn't quite reach to the edges, resulting in a bright line that had to be covered with insulating tape, at loss of some pixels.

I can't imagine these things being anything other than a massive pain on a laptop.

Eventually we tracked down a model of monitor that had a non-flickery backlight and a matte screen surface (to minimise reflections).  This is surprisingly hard to find, because all the high-end stuff has shiny screens to improve the sharpness (in perfectly lit rooms), and it meant she had to give up her preferred 2x 5:4 display arrangement.  (She's now got a 4:5[1] and a 16:10, which is about the same area in a less useful configuration.)

[1] An old Dell 5:4 thing mounted on its side for about the same height.
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